June 12, 2013

By HeartMind Mama

Aren’t our children great at giving us instant feedback?!  “I don’t like you” or “Stop talking to me” are messages that have been said by my 4 year old to me in the last week.  So what is he communicating?  “I’m feeling disconnected from you right now.”  “Please listen to my needs, mama.” So…


Excellence versus Perfectionism

June 2, 2013

By Vanessa Cathie

Excellence versus Perfectionism

www.smallfortunes.co.nz The Imperfect Perfectionist Let’s face it, if you were having brain surgery, you’d want your doctor to be a perfectionist… But perfectionism has a time and a place… Too much pressure to be perfect is detrimental to a child’s emotional well-being and self-confidence…


When Children Act Out ~ Reflecting Our Emotions

June 1, 2013

By L.R.Knost

When Children Act Out ~ Reflecting Our Emotions

Your sweet little four-year-old has suddenly started throwing his food at the table every. single. night. You’ve tried giving him smaller portions of food, letting him help plan the meals, letting him help cook the meals. You’ve tried asking him to stop, demanding that…